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The Austin Humane Society offers comprehensive, humane, life-saving animal services, transforming the lives of animals and those who love them. AHS transforms the lives of animals and the people who love them through life-saving programs that find animals homes, serve animals and people in times of crisis, prevent future homelessness though spay and neuter, and engage the community to be a part of the solution.


In order to fulfill Austin Humane Society's mission of education, outreach, and compassion for animals, a complete rebrand was necessary. By revealing a more friendly and consistent brand, not only does this bring a wider audience, but trust is also built in the local community. Since most of their information is sought online, a redesign of the website is a key component to outreach. Organizing content and making the experience more user friendly will aid to education through online resources, as well as placing animals in forever homes and helping people find ways to be involved.


The key is to create a friendly logo that conveys the passion of the services AHS performs. First and foremost they place animals into forever homes which is why the house takes the center of the mark. The color palette consists of a fire hydrant red paired with a friendly light blue which conveys both passion and trust.


This app was created for the employees, volunteers, and supervisors of the Austin Humane Society. The large influx of volunteers can be overwhelming when everyone has different levels experience. This app helps with organization, accountability, and all around productivity. The rewards system will help community outreach by getting more individuals involved, while also establishing more long-term volunteers.


The website is a key part of Austin Humane Society's brand strategy. It is important to create a user-friendly experience while also conveying an overall cheerful disposition. A lot of shelter websites are dreary and full of pictures of cages; this is another way Austin Humane Society can stand out. Here, you can browse pets to adopt, have access to important resources, and find different ways to be involved with the shelter.




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