App Design & Art Direction


Build Guild is an app launched by Home Depot. Home Depot is a hardware store that supplies tools and resources for home improvement.


Many millennials are less accustomed to how tools and repairs are utilized than prior generations. Home repair stores, like Home Depot, seem to be an intimidating and overwhelming place where only professionals go.


Structured like a game, Build Guild will encourage users to start projects, learn how to make repairs, and ultimately help users acquire home repair skills without having to put down their phone. The secondary intent is to use Home Depot as the main source of supplies by incentivizing tasks throughout the game. Combining the digital gaming world with real life, Home Depot will appear to be friendlier, more approachable environment to reach a younger consumer market.


The key is to make the app feel playful, cheerful, and approachable. This is accomplished through a bright color palette, rounded typefaces, and cartoon stylied badges, icons, and enviroments throughout.


Team Members: Karen Shahan, Rachel Shearer, and Morgan Thomas.


Guild: The 9 specialized communities that the user can choose from to go more. Names: Clearance Crusader, Storage Savvy, Decor Deputy, Craft Commander, Electrical Entrepreneur, Woodworking Wizard Home Depot Hot Shot, Garden Guru, and Plumbing Pro.

Badge: What a user earns after completing all projects in that level. Throughout completing a badge, the user will recieve coupons to assist in finishing a project.

Level: Each badge equals one level. The levels won't be ordered (levels are based on each badge you complete, not on difficulty).

Project: a single job out of a number of total jobs that the user needs to complete in order to finish a level/ earn a badge.

The user can choose from any of the nine guilds to get started. Each guild has a set of levels. Each level contains 5 projects: three supplemental projects that teach, and two that you can add from a curated search engine. The Build Guild App team will monitor and curate projects and badges and report as needed. Special event projects will appear around various holidays.


Each Guild has it's own shield and world that the user can explore. The user can skip around in the Guild Worlds depending on what they want to learn and their skill level. The badge combinations are endless. Below is the basic user flow of how the game works. Walk through the entire app by clicking APP PROTOTYPE. You can explore three entire guild worlds and other features.


Kiosks can be found around the store promoting various workshops available to the public. These workshopd also double as a project within the app. Special coupons will be rewarded to users who complete projects.


Around the Home Depot store will be floor decals instructing users to items for projects. This will also peek the interst of home depot customers who don't use the app. Badge installations will be featured in specific areas to spark interest in downloading the app as well as displaying all of the items for specific projects.


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