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Flu.gov is a federal government website managed by the US Department of Health and Human Services. The website aims to increase awareness and educate about the Influenza virus and vaccine, with the intent of increasing nationwide vaccinations.


Flu. gov's current approach lacks a consistent tone and message, and does not present information in an easily understandable way. Not only does it not draw a large audience to the site, but it does little to encourage people to get their flu vaccination. This integrated campaign focuses on creating a new face for flu.gov, and the flu vaccination itself. By revealing a more approachable and honest tone, we aim to achieve a level of trust that is sometimes lost between government corporations and consumers. One of the main demographics that tends to ignore health intiatives is the 18-29 age group. Our campaign will engage this group through humor and bright colors other campaigns lack.


"It's your best shot". To drive home a message that relates to our target, we chose to be honest. As our primary target responds to a straight forward approach to advertising, we are up front that the flu shot is not the most pleasant experience, but it is still their best shot at staying healthy. While other medical campaigns tend to be over cheesy or over dramatic, this approach will make people take notice instead of ignore.


Team Members: Danni Kirchoff, Magen Bork, and Morgan Baker.


The campaign focuses on delivering information about the flu vaccination in a light hearted and honest way. Whether it be owning up to the honest truth, or showing the vaccination in a new light, this campaign aims to strike a common ground with the public. For example, last year the flu vaccination was only 23% effective. By poking fun at ourselves we will gain the trust of our audience. No matter what getting vaccinated is still your best shot on fighting the flu.


The website serves as a place to find flu related information. Whether it is researching the common symptoms or finding the closest vaccine distributors, flu.gov aims to provide information in a conscice and easily understandable way. Maintaining the cheery dispostition, Flu.gov is a site that comes of more welcoming then most medical information sites. The key is to make the information easy to access while also making the experience enjoyable.


The mobile clinic aims to make getting the flu vaccine just a little bit more convenient. By parking in high traffic areas where people actually comfortably visit, such as a park, we will reduce the stigma and the fear of getting the vaccine, and increase participation. You can also request the mobile clinic to come to your school or buisness through the flu.gov web page.



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