Branding & App Design


Food Finder is an app created to help people locate the food pantries in their area and provide other useful resources.


Food pantries are mostly run through volunteer organizations, the time, locations, and qualifications required vary greatly and change often. The resources provided can help a much wider audience if the information was easily accessible.


Since more and more people have access to phones instead of computers, the solution is to create an app the helps people find food, when and where they need it. The app will live update on which pantries are open and nearby, among other filters.


The app is named "food finder" instead of "food bank locator" because it allows the user to be discreet if they wish to be. They branding itself uses cheerful colors and rounded typefaces which convey optimism. The logo is the "you are here" pin symbol. This can be extended into an entire icon system.


Food Finder will help you find food pantry services near you. Many food pantries specify for youth, seniors, women, and veterans. Some pantries open and close at strange times or constantly move locations. This app will let the user compile that overwhelming information into a clearer list of what's available to that specific person's needs. On the app you can also find useful information such as a calendar of events food banks put on and a list of hotlines. The idea is to compile all helpful food pantry information onto one app.


Food Finder will partner with local grocery stores to provide families with groceries. If a family needs emergency groceries they can simply bring this bag into customer service. This allows simplicity and discretion. The Food Finder logo mark can also appear in places where a food pantry is located or where food finder services, such as the groceries program, are provided.


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