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Pact Apparel is a fair trade clothing company. The main mission of the company is to remain socially responsible while closely working with villages across the country to fairly sell their products. Pact geniunely wants to change the game and create good with their buisness strategy. With numerous certifications, Pact is cruelity-free, factory-free, and enviromentally friendly.


Pact is inconsistent in their overall branding. Pact prides itself on being an ethical company with fair business practices and good deeds, but there is a major lack of transparency on how they are accomplishing these goals. The good deeds and stories exist, but the information is hard to find and access. With this rebrand, Pact's mission for good will be clearer and the design will be more consistent. By bringing the company's relationship with the clothing makers to the forefront, Pact can offer a unique experience while giving proper credit to the makers. This will be crucial for earning the trust of their socially concious consumers and growing their audience.


The logo conveys trust; the mark itself signifying a stamp of approval by using a seal form. The rounded star symbol is a nod to both the seal and cotton. The logo also communicates friendliness by using soft edges and a cheerful typeface. The inviting color palette ties into the culture of india, where Pact's clothing is made.


Using the full color palette and rounded forms throughout the system will evoke feelings of warmth, optimism, and goodwill. The tags that come with each product will have an attached envelope with a small bio of who made that specific item of clothing. This is an opportunity which Pact can be as transparent as possible. Not only does this element create a unique experience that will set Pact a part, but this is background information the ethical consumer will appreciate. Most importantly, this puts the makers to the forefront and gives them credit and insight into a process most consumers don't think about. One of pact's main missions is to help people recognize the fact robots don't make clothing- people do.


The website is a key part of Pact's brand strategy. Before it was extremely hard to locate the background story and certifications. On the home page, there are now several ways to access this information and the main certifications are also listed. Some of the clothing makers are on the front page which is also important to Pact's mission. The website carries the brand's optimism through it's vibrant colors and rounded shapes. The overall user experience is enjoyable and eye catching.



Pact's main storefront is their website. It's so important the content is organized clearly while still carrying the brand's cheerful disposition The photographs themselves are friendly and colorful. On every main page there will be an option to read about the company's story and mission.



Updating social media regularly is key to expanding Pact's audience and also ensuring the company's accountability. Having a youtube channel will give Pact an opportunity to stand out from their competitors, as well as educate their audience about Pact's ethical practices. Regular videos of interviews and insight into the live's of the clothing makers will further Pact's mission.


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