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UNITE is an intiative designed to help create positive change in communities by connecting activists with each other. Whether you are new to an area, new to activism, or a well connected organizer- UNITE is there to keep you in the loop and help you find other like-minded individuals who are passionate about the same cause. This is accomplished by connecting you to other activists, alerting you to related events and news pertaining to your specific interest, and lastly, giving you unique opportunities to be involved locally and nationally.


Even for experienced activists, it's challenging to keep up with everything going on. Many times when there is an action or event the message is sent through word of mouth or an obscure social media post and not communicated very successfully. The idea behind Unite is that your activist network's news and actions are all kept in the same place. Many people want to be involved in social justice, but are too intimidated by the stigma surrounding activism to reach out. With Unite, a person new to activism would be able to gain the information they need and go at their own pace, without feeling overwhelmed. For someone who is an experienced organizer, Unite can be the tool to engage new interest. For these reasons, it's important to keep the color palette welcoming and optimistic. The logo reflects the fist of power which is a popular symbol for activism. The geometric shapes that are present in the logo and reflected throughout the brand conveys people coming together. United for creating good.


This app is social media for local activists. Based off location, the user can keep track of events, actions, and alerts in the area. This app will also be for building an activist network. Events can be created by the user, other activists, or offical organizations. A newsfeed will alert the user of updates in their network and the causes they are interested in. For more information about each screen please push the "App Details" button. Below is the how the app would flow intially. Once the user subscribes to a cause the app would open to their newsfeed instead.


The Unite website isn't based locally, but nationally. Here the user can browse campaigns happening across the country. The user can support causes nationally by working on the project digitally, lending their voice, ideas, donating, etc. The website is more for campaigns, spreading awareness, and advocacy, whereas the app is a tool for local activism. If you sign up, you can keep up with the campaigns you're following and connect with other activists online. You can even create and organize your own campaign.




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